Ali White


I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, close to Gettysburg. My hometown, to this day, still does not have a stop light. I come from a tightknit family of farmers and grew up working at my family’s farm market called The Historic Round Barn & Farm Market; it’s one of only a handful of truly round barns surviving today. Our main product is apples (more varieties than you can imagine, and no, unfortunately, I cannot name them all), and we take the annual Apple Harvest Festival very seriously. I am a self-proclaimed “produce snob,” and find it painful to buy apples especially, but also peaches, nectarines, plums, corn, squash, and pumpkins at grocery stores. So much so that I have my mom ship me whatever produce is in season, and stuff whatever I can fit into my suitcase to bring back with me from visits home. My weekend treats growing up were donuts and pastries. Nearly every Saturday morning, my early-rising dad would go to Weaver’s Bakery and bring home a variety of sweets for us to enjoy when we woke up. Weaver’s has long since closed, but I can still remember the taste of their glazed twists and enormous sticky buns.  I wasn’t introduced to the magic of authentic New York bagels until I met Chris. Sure, I’d had bagels before, but they were the commercially-produced, come-in-a-bag-of-6 type bagels that you get at a grocery store. Chris and I started dating while in college, and I experienced my first New York bagel a few months later, while visiting him in Long Island over Winter Break. I never knew what I was missing until then. These hard on the outside, warm and soft on the inside masterpieces had me hooked. They’re ingrained in the New York culture, but they opened up a whole new world to this country girl. 

Chris and I continued to enjoy New York bagels after college while living in New York City. They’re the perfect on-the-go weekday breakfast, but can also be a delectable, yet unfussy weekend treat (particularly after having a bit too much to drink the night before). You can’t go wrong with a sausage, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel, or just a simple whole wheat bagel with fresh strawberry cream cheese. Bagels also make the perfect lunch option. My personal favorite is fresh turkey, avocado, and tomato on an everything bagel with just a little bit of mayo - make sure to give this a try at Nervous Charlie’s. Burnt out from the 24/7 culture of New York City, we sought a new home that was still vibrant and active, but at a much slower pace. This is exactly what we found in Austin. The breakfast taco is an institution in Austin. I’ve come to love breakfast tacos, but long for the bagels I took for granted in New York. This is what we want to bring to the people of Austin. We want them to still love their breakfast tacos, as we do, but also come to love authentic, New York bagels. It’s an honor and a privilege to bring these bagels to Austin, and it’s something both Chris and I take very seriously. We have worked tirelessly and will continue to do so.