You may have eaten something called a bagel that was really just an imposter. If the bagels you’ve eaten came in a bag of 6 from the grocery store, you have definitely been fooled.


A bad bagel is as boring and unappetizing as bread with a hole in it. Bagels need a thin crust that’s shiny and wonderful. Just beneath that glorious crust you will find a warm, almost gooey dough - the pièce de résistance of a good bagel. In most “bagels”, you won't be able to distinguish the crust from the dough on the inside, which, to us, is a big problem

You could eat a (good) hot bagel plain because it’s just that amazing. We’re not crazy. Try it. While our custom cream cheeses at Nervous Charlie’s are a bagel’s best friend, there is something magical about eating a good bagel by itself.

Goes to show how different any product can be if you make it the right way. So come on down to Nervous Charlie’s - we promise to not fool you.