At Nervous Charlie’s, we make straight-forward, deliciously simple bagels as well as a variety of ridiculous cream cheeses and sandwiches. We use only the best ingredients that are shipped to us directly from New York City and from right here in Austin.

We’re a place for everybody, whether you’re with your family, out for a meeting, or just looking for a low-key breakfast or lunch - any day of the week. 


Don’t freak out, but your first bite of a Nervous Charlie’s bagel may change your life forever.

It starts with dough that we get directly from New York City, made by famous dough specialists that have been perfecting their recipe for over 100 years.

We take it from there, adding local ingredients and baking the bagels to perfection - making them masterpieces that can be enjoyed on their own, with one of our custom cream cheeses, or as the vessel for one of our delicious sandwiches. 

So leave the nail biting to us, we’ll be making sure every step in the preparation of your bagel is just right so that you can say you know what a bagel is supposed to taste like.



Chris Cunningham


Long Island is a place where everyone eats bagels at all times of the day. Give me a bacon, egg, and cheese on an everything bagel in the morning, corned beef on a rye bagel for lunch, and a plain bagel with some chicken cutlet, bacon, and cheddar for dinner.

Long Island is the place where I grew up before I moved to Austin.

Every weekend growing up, my Dad would wake up early to go to the bagel shop down the street. My favorite bagel, which is the most underrated type of bagel, is the salt bagel. My fondest memories are of my family sitting around the kitchen table, Dad reading Newsday, Mom looking at the real estate section in the Times for apartments in New York City we couldn’t afford; it reminds me of simpler times.

My wife and I created Nervous Charlie’s so the people of Austin could grow to love bagels as much as we have over the years, and in doing so, create lasting memories with their families and friends.

I like Texas Football, music, and the New York Rangers.

I have a dog named Charlie who, despite being a nervous weirdo, is cute enough to have a bagel shop named after her.

I also think Justin Beiber is underrated.



Ali White


I grew up in rural Pennsylvania, close to Gettysburg. My hometown, to this day, still does not have a stop light. I come from a family of farmers and grew up working at my family’s farm market. We grow more apple varieties than you can imagine (and no, unfortunately, I can’t name them all), and we take the annual Apple Harvest Festival very seriously.  

Growing up, my idea of a bagel was one that came in a bag of six from the grocery store - we were more of a donut- and pastry-type family for weekend breakfasts. I wasn’t introduced to the magic of an authentic New York bagel until I met Chris and visited his hometown in Long Island on one of our winter breaks during college. I never knew what I was missing until then. These giant, hard on the outside, warm and soft on the inside masterpieces had me hooked from the first bite.

We’ve made Austin our home and have fallen in love with tacos, but we both also longed for the bagels we took for granted in New York. This is why we started Nervous Charlie’s - to bring something special to the people of Austin. We want you to still love your tacos, but also come to love authentic, New York bagels as much as we do.

I can’t wait to get Nervous with all of you!




The Top Dog

Hi everyone! My name is Charlie and I’m a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. I was born with a hole in my heart but my Mom and Dad were nice enough to rescue me from a puppy mill and get me all fixed up.

I love my Mom and Dad very much - I’m their shadow. When they get their suitcases out I lose my shit. I’m nervous but always happy.

I’ve lived all over the place - Pennsylvania, New York City, and now Austin.

I’ve only ever had one boyfriend. His name was Cole and he was brown and small like me. My parents told me he moved to Italy which I think is close to Austin.

Even though my parents have a bagel shop, they won’t let me eat any, which I think is ridiculous. They say it’s because I don’t have all of my teeth and I can’t chew bagels, but I’ll never stop begging for one.